Window Cleaning, Fascia Cleaning, Gutter Clearance, Gutter Protection

Gutter Clearances & Maintainence:


Blocked Gutters

Rainwater guttering needs to be cleaned & maintained on a regular basis.  The build up of moss, leaves, weeds and tile sand can cause the gutters to become blocked.  The weight of this along with the water when it rains, can cause the guttering to warp, split and become detatched from the building.  In some cases, water will cascade down the walls of the building, and over a prolonged period will cause damp problems.  Regular gutter cleaning can save you money in the long run!

We don't use fancy "hoovers".  We believe in climbing a ladder and getting our hands dirty!  It's the only way to ensure the job gets completed to a high standard.

Further to clearing out guttering, we also offer a cleaning service, wiping down the guttering, fascias and soffits.  All plastics shine like new after we have cleaned them!  W
e also carry out general repairs such as: temporary fixings, replace brackets, end stops and lengths of guttering, etc.  Every job is priced individualy.  We have lots of happy customers who continue to recommend us to their families and friends.

We take pride in our work and believe we deliver the best service at the best price. 

Window Cleaning, Fascia Cleaning, Gutter Clearance, Gutter Protection